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Dongguan is not only where the South of the Five Ridges civilization began and the rise of China’s modern history started, it is also highly regarded as the pioneer city that showcases the "typical and vivid representation of China’s Opening-up and Reform".

With a booming economy and rapid urbanization, Dongguan is set to emerge onto the international scene as a modern and harmonious city for the world to explore. A great initiative has been created by the Dongguan Government in launching the ‘Dongguan Today’, a website that will be an important window for people inside and outside of China to get to know Dongguan therefore establishing a bridge for cultural exchanges.

Organized by the Information Office of the People’s Government of Dongguan, Dongguan Today was launched on July 28th, 2008. It is the first website in all cities on prefecture level in Guangdong Province, which promote the external publicity in English.

Dongguan Today’s key goals are: to highlight the fruitful achievements that Dongguan has obtained in areas such as the economy, culture, education standards, and social administration since the Reform and Opening-up 30 years ago. It also aims to deliver useful information that may affect the needs and wants of foreign guests who have either invested in Dongguan, travelling through Dongguan or are here to work or study in the city.

With its own individuality – Dongguan Today provides up-to-date news, city lifestyle information, local news, facts and figures about Dongguan and its people, maps, guides and an overview of current and up and coming events in Dongguan and around China. The website is a portal for foreigners and cyber tourists to life in Dongguan and its surroundings.

"To Present the Charming and Vibrant Dongguan to You" will always be the quest for Dongguan Today! 

Email: dongguantoday@126.com

TEL: 86-0769-33332327

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