With the approach of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, citizens can visit Gengshan village with their families and enjoy a visual feast.
The Exhibition will display nearly 140 species of wild bird photos taken by a local photographer "Fishermen", and show the beauty of Dongguan's natural ecology.
The exhibition explores the olfactory characteristics of animals and humans, showing the source of various spices across nature.
The exhibition will be held at the Dongguan Library from 29th August to 12th September, which will be an opportunity to take a closer look at Spain's beauty!
The exhibition will display 26 Guqin objects made by Wang mostly during 2006 and 2017. Through vivid pictures and written explanations, it will share Guqin ...
The exhibition showcases outstanding works painted by Mongolian artist Cerenpil Modegema during her exchange visit in Shenzhen. Many new themes arose from ...
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