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Where to pick lychee in Dongguan
2020-06-24 09:55     Source : Dongguan Today

June is the time when lychees grow best. The small red fruits on the tree make people salivate. A bumper harvest is expected this year, and lychee lovers can finally satisfy their stomachs. Recently, the city's lychee association announced 35 pollution-free or Green-Food certificate lychee picking sites across Dongguan. Are there any lychee farms near your home? Let's see.

1 Songshan Lake Shanhu Ecological Agriculture Co. Ltd. 松山湖山湖生态农业有限公司

Estimated output: 15,000kg

Address: East of the intersection of University Road and Xincheng Road, Songshan Lake Scenic Area, Dongguan东莞市松山湖风景区大学路与新城路交叉口东侧

2 Houjie Wang Shilan Orchard 厚街王仕兰果园

Estimated output: 15,000kg

Address: Shishan, Dajin Community, Houjie Town, Dongguan City东莞市厚街镇大迳社区柿山

Other items: Longan, Wampee

3 Houjie Guowang Fruit Farm 厚街果王果场

Estimated output: 25,000kg

Address: Dashuikeng, Dajin Community, Houjie Town, Dongguan City 东莞市厚街镇大迳大水坑果王果场

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